J Royal Horton

Colorado & Wyoming Author

J Royal Horton Author

Jon R Horton aka J Royal Horton was one of those kids who read under the covers by flashlight, and dreamed of being a writer. He was an honors student in English at the University of Wyoming before joining the Air Force where he was a Russian linguist and intelligence analyst. With his GI Bill he earned a B.A. in Russian Language and Literature from California State University at Northridge. Years later he entered the D.A. program at Idaho State University as an English major. The academic gender wars of the times inspired a career move into the international oil exploration business as a Helicopter Operations Safety and Security Supervisor. He specialized in operations that included some of the most remote parts of Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Yemen, South Africa, and Chad. After retiring, he began to write in earnest, and has had five novels published, all available on his Amazon Author Page. He was last published in the premier issue of the British literary magazine “Ronin”.